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Vehicle Winter Safety Kit

Handy traction aids for when you're stuck in the snow.


£39.95 ex. VAT ( £47.94 inc. VAT)
  • Contains two traction aids
  • Shovel doubles as scraper and warning aid
  • Keep it conveniently stored in your boot

Keep a vehicle winter safety kit stored conveniently in your boot, in case you get stuck in snow. The kit contains two traction aids that you can place under your vehicle's drive wheels to aid grip. The traction aids measure 25 mm x 170 mm x 508 mm and can be quickly joined together, using the integrated hooks, for ease of use. The kit also contains a handy snow shovel that doubles as a warning aid and an ice scraper.

The kits come in yellow or blue and represent great value for money. They contain one shovel and two traction aids, so you will have everything that you need.

To use the traction aids, place them under the drive wheels. Pull open the clasp releases to secure the shovel in any position. A combination of digging the snow away from around your wheels and driving slowly over the traction aids should release your car. You can use the warning aid while your car is stuck, to alert approaching vehicles of a hazard in the road ahead. Place it in the road behind your car.

A handy tip for releasing your car from snow is to rev slowly and not too hard. If you rev too hard, your wheels will end up spinning and may dig your car deeper into the snow. If you have a passenger with you, they can assist by trying to push your vehicle as you slowly attempt to drive it out.

For more car care solutions, try our other safety kits to keep you fully prepared for harsh road conditions this winter. Try our car park winter kit, which ensures your car park is kept in a safe condition, even in ice and snow.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Yellow/Blue
Kit Contains 1 x Shovel (doubles as scraper & warning aid)
2 x Traction Aids
Specifications / Characteristics Traction Aids
Space saving snow shovel
Warning Aid
Supplied in Single Kit
Traction Aids (H x W x L) 30 x 170 x 510 mm
Unfolded Shovel Size (H x W) 780 x 260 mm

  • Vehicle Winter Safety Kit
  • Vehicle Winter Safety Kit
  • Vehicle Winter Safety Kit
  • Vehicle Winter Safety Kit
  • Vehicle Winter Safety Kit

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