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Easy to use valve open/valve closed signs

For clear indication of valve status for a safer working environment


£7.75 ex. VAT ( £9.30 inc. VAT)
  • Indicates valve position and action
  • Strong PVC with holes to affix
  • Clear white text on green background

This 'valve open/valve closed' sign is designed for use on any site where liquid and gas pipe valves are in operation. The single-sided sign is available in two variants - 'valve open' and 'valve closed' - to indicate the current working state of any pipe. When hung on or over a pipe, all site workers can clearly see whether a pipe is being used and know whether they can safely operate other parts of the system.

The pre-drilled holes on either side of the sign are ideal for fastening it to a pipe or surface. Our nylon ties are a quick, secure and simple way to fix the sign in place during valve operation. The ties can be snapped or cut to remove and replace the sign. All lockout and site safety equipment requires proper management to work effectively, and the 'valve open/valve closed' sign is no exception. You and your team will need to make sure that the signs are changed as appropriate, with a secure and reliable valve management system in place.

The valve open/valve closed sign is constructed from tough PVC. It measures 50mm x 150mm x 1mm, and the 0.5mm holes sit one inch in from either side. The plastic design means it can be used for indoor and outdoor pipework, and it can withstand moderate damp and temperature variants without damage or wear. The sign is printed in standard case, with white text and a green background, so it conforms to guidelines and regulations concerning site signage. Each sign is sold individually.

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