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Handy, easy to use ear plug dispenser

Easy to use earplug dispenser, giving all workers access to hearing protection


£32.60 ex. VAT ( £39.12 inc. VAT)

  • Allows you to meet legislation requiring all workers to use hearing protection in noisy environments
  • Easy to monitor the amount of remaining earplugs
  • High capacity of 600 pairs of earplugs

Hearing protection is important to protect all workers from painful and possibly permanent ear damage in noisy environments. Everyone is built differently and hearing damage can result from surprisingly little exposure to noise. It really isn't worth taking the risk, from the perspective of both employer and employee, when simple and cost effective remedies are available and are required by law.

This eye catching, robust, simple to use, high capacity earplug dispenser, is brought to you from Uvex, market leaders in hearing protection. When given suitable placement, the dispenser can be easily installed, and will provide a constant reminder to workers that ear protection is required and readily available.

The dispenser works by simply twisting the yellow nozzle at the base of the earplug container. A tray is provided to help ensure the earplugs are dispensed accurately, without risk of contamination.

The dispenser can hold up to 600 pairs of Uvex earplugs, and a range of options are available, depending on the level of protection required. One of the most commonly used hearing protection available is the Uvex X-fit single-use earplug.

Eye protection goes hand in hand with hearing protection in many industries. Again, it is scarcely worth risking permanent eye damage, just to save the two seconds it takes to don a pair of safety glasses. These lightweight and super strongUvex i-3 safety glasses are perfect for virtually any job that poses a threat to the eyes.

Additional Information

Brand uvex
Colour(s) Transparent
Description Dispenser
Features - Logo Yes
Fixing Wall mounting
Packaging Qty. 1
Specifications / Characteristics Capacity of 600 pairs of earplugs ; dispsenser delivered empty
Supplied in Single
Weight 1275 g

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