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Caution electric cable below tape for necessary underground warning

Electrical hazard warning tape to improve underground safety for workmen


£44.05 ex. VAT ( £52.86 inc. VAT)
  • High quality and long-lasting tape
  • Warning message appears every 460mm
  • Effective hazard warning for workmen

Workmen who dig up surfaces are often at risk of serious injury and of causing damage to local homes and businesses if they accidentally damage an electrical cable. This tough and highly visible tape acts as an effective warning message to workmen digging up any surface with potentially hazardous electrical cables underneath.

The tape is buried between 30mm and 460mm below ground, where it will be concealed until the area is dug up by workmen. The tape then alerts them to the potentially dangerous electric cables below, meaning they stay safe and there are no risks to the surrounding properties.

Because it's bright yellow and black, it follows the standard of hazard warning messages and can be seen and acted on immediately. The message is clear and legible, and is repeated every 460mm so that it can be seen no matter where the surface is dug up. Because it's very hardy and strongly made, the tape can remain intact to do its job for however long it's required, no matter what the conditions underground. Our durable tape can help prevent accidents, speed up works, and therefore save on further costs.

We also carry arrows on-a-roll tape which can be wrapped around any underground pipe to show the directional flow of its contents. This is another useful tool to alert workmen of a very important factor when they are negotiating underground pipes.

To improve the visibility of any pipes or other potential hazards, either indoors or outdoors, you may want to try our reflective self-adhesive tape, which can be added to almost any clean, dry surface.

Additional Information

Application Underground hazard warning
Material 100 micron Polyethylene
Size (W x L) 150 mm x 365 m
Specifications / Characteristics Bury 300-460mm below ground
Message repeats every 460mm
Supplied in Single
Text Caution Electric Cable Below

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