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Efficient, easy-to-use tape applicator

Apply tape in straight lines or curves


£110.25 ex. VAT ( £132.30 inc. VAT)
  • Swiftly apply tape in hard to reach areas, saving you time and effort
  • Industry leading tension bar will allow you to make sure the tape adheres correctly, first time - no repeats required
  • Accommodates most tape roll sizes

Site safety is the top goal of the modern build team, and to help achieve that goal with absolute ease, we recommend using Safetyshop's tape applicator. Used in addition to our heavy duty barrier tape ensures that there are clear and durable markings as required on site. The applicator saves you time and effort, as simply wheeling it along will give you clean lines - whether you're looking for straight lines or curves. Even better, with the use of a unique tension bar, you can be sure that the tape will have long lasting adhesion to the floor - no more revisiting every morning.

With a huge variety of tapes available in our online store, and our tool being able to accommodate almost all shapes and size of tape rolls, you know that you have an effective tool for laying your tape at anytime. Also, thanks to its ergonomic design, it's incredibly easy to use, and is easily transported from A to B.

The applicator comes in a bright yellow colour, adding in additional safety as it's clear to other workers that tape is being applied, and that an area is unsafe or requires particular care. This means that at no stage in the marking process, are workers or other patrons put at risk. If you're looking for more ways to make your workplace a safe environment, there are plenty of alternatives both temporary and permanent in our site safety section for you to browse through.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Yellow
Description Holds tape rolls up to100mm(w) x 54mm (l)
Specifications / Characteristics Effortless line marking
Supplied in Single

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