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Highly Visible Black and Yellow Steel Hoop Guards

Protect pedestrians from hazardous areas with these secure and eye-catching hoop guards.

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From: £129.55 ex. VAT ( £155.46 inc. VAT)

  • Perfect for segregating pedestrians away from moving vehicles in and around your premises
  • Finished in signal yellow with black stripes to increase visibility of the barriers
  • Two different surface finishes to choose from

In the modern day workplace, it’s not unusual or uncommon to have a variety of different vehicles driving around. This inevitably increases the risk of serious accidents occurring, no matter how well trained or qualified your drivers are. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to take some extra safety steps and precautions to ensure the protection of people operating within the workplace at all times.

Our steel hoop guards are specially designed to segregate pedestrians and moving vehicles in and around your premises. By placing a sturdy barrier between them, they can help to substantially reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries occurring.

They can also be used to section off hazardous and dangerous areas, such as locations where the floor dips or drops away. This will enable drivers to always keep their vehicles on safe and solid ground while avoiding any nasty crashes.

Each hoop guard is highly visible due to a bright ‘signal yellow’ finish with striking black stripes. They will be sure to catch the attention of even the most unobservant of pedestrians and drivers, meaning there will be no valid excuse or reason for them to be ignored.

There are three different sizes and two different surface finishes to choose from. If you plan to use these hoop guards internally, we recommend choosing the primed, plastic-coated finish. For use externally, we would recommend the hot-dip galvanised, plastic coated finish.

You can surface mount each hoop guard via its sturdy base plates - which are heavy duty and pre-drilled - with our separately sold fixing bolts. These bolts come in packs of four and are perfect for securing many different types of shelters, hoops and barriers.

Although our steel hoop guards can be strategically placed to allow plenty of room for vehicles and pedestrians to move, building features such as fixed columns cannot be moved and can therefore pose a further hazard – especially where space is limited.

If you do have columns in or around your premises, we highly recommend also investing in our quick and easy to assemble column protectors. Suitable for use indoors or outside and made from high-visibility moulded polyethylene, they can even be double stacked for increased height protection.

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