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Unique Squire master keyed padlock keys

Master keys to enable access to any compatible individually keyed padlock.

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From: £7.49 ex. VAT ( £8.99 inc. VAT)

  • Single master key will open all Squire master keyed padlocks ordered at the same time
  • Allows individual access for each padlock whilst enabling master access
  • Excellent solution for school or workplace lockers

This master padlock key from Squire is a convenient solution for providing secure individual access whilst ensuring that management can also have emergency access to all areas when necessary. Compatible only with the Squire master keyed padlocks, each of which are supplied with a pair of unique locks, the master key can open any padlock within the same group. Please note that you must order these master padlock keys at the same time as the Squire master keyed padlocks, and that the master keys purchased now will not be compatible with any Squire master keyed padlocks purchased in the future.

The Squire master keyed padlock system is particularly useful for schools, factories or other large organisations in which staff or visitors are provided with lockers. It means that each individual can feel safe in the knowledge that only they can gain access to their locker with their unique keys, except for management who hold the master key and can help them to gain access should they lose or forget their key. Plus, it gives management peace of mind that in the event of an emergency they can have access to every locker with one single master. Furthermore, it is a far more convenient solution than providing spare unique padlock keys to management, who would need to sift through multiple different sets to find the right one in the event that an individual lost their key.

If you're looking for a padlock system which provides shared access to multiple different areas amongst several members of staff, the Squire master keyed padlocks may not be right for you. Instead, we recommend using the Squire keyed alike padlocks, which are supplied with two keys that will open all other padlocks within the group of padlocks purchased together.

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