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Polyethylene Spill Trays

Polyethylene spill trays for storage and transportation.


From: £146.00 ex. VAT ( £175.20 inc. VAT)
  • 100% recyclable polyethylene spill trays
  • Ideal size for 25 litre drums, containers and bottles
  • Features platform surface with removable grate

In any industrial or commercial environment, safe handling of chemicals and other harmful liquids is vital. With safety in mind, these strong and sturdy polyethylene spills are the ideal way to store and transport containers, drums and barrels of around 25 litre capacity. Each tray can store around eight containers of average size comfortably, and could instead hold four to six small drums or barrels.

The durable plastic inner tray is designed with a removable grate for simple cleaning, locking away spills and protecting workers against chemical injury. The high quality base platform's surface has a non-slip coating to enhance container safety, and the whole platform base can be removed for easy storage and stacking. The trays will fit inside metal storage lockers or cupboards, and have easy-grip sides for lifting in delivery or packing operations. The trays are also waterproof, which makes them ideal for outdoor use in most weather conditions.

Each spill tray is designed to the highest safety standards and meets all national and international safety regulations, so you can be sure this product fits into your current chemical safety routine. The compatible design works with UK and European pallets for easy cross-use and overseas shipping compliance. With a sleek black base and highly visible yellow tray, the spill trays are ideal for high-intensity industrial environments where visibility is key for safety.

For larger containers and drums, you might prefer to purchase spill pallets with a heavier capacity. All products are COSHH compliant, and you can display the necessary storage information in our fantastic COSHH data sheet centres.

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