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Mountable Spill Cleaning Boxes

Be ready to quickly deal with any type of spill


From: £51.50 ex. VAT ( £61.80 inc. VAT)
  • Bright yellow design makes the boxes easy to locate
  • Clear visual instructions on the box
  • Refills available

Handling various types of liquids on a regular basis means that there is a risk of leaks or spills. Some substances are hazardous, and others may be difficult to clean up if left for too long. Whatever the case, it's important that spilled liquids are dealt with quickly so that minimal problems are caused, and the best way to ensure there's no delay is to have readily available, effective materials for cleaning. If liquids have leaked into gaps or areas that are difficult to reach, our sorbent pillows are an excellent solution, soaking up various types of liquids extremely effectively.

Our spill boxes can be mounted in various places around the workplace, and can even be fitted behind the seat of a truck. They're small and lightweight enough that they won't take up unnecessary space or become inconvenient. The bright yellow plastic of the boxes means they're easy to locate in a hurry, and the pads they contain are colour-coded to aid quick recognition of the different types. This helps in using the correct type for the purpose, which is particularly important in the event of spilled oil or chemicals, to ensure the liquid is dealt with safely and effectively.

The spill box is printed with visual instructions, which will let the user know exactly how they should be used without them needing to read lengthy written guidelines, avoiding ambiguity or confusion.

When the pads have all been used, you can simply buy a refill pack, which saves you money over buying a whole new spill box. Keeping some refills to hand for stocking up the spill boxes when needed means you'll always be ready to deal with spills and leaks.

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