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Hanging Spigots

These hanging spigots enable you to complete your panel system for maximum functionality and convenience.


From: £27.75 ex. VAT ( £33.30 inc. VAT)
  • Epoxy-coated grey steel louvred panels
  • Combine together well: the panels join side by side and overlap in height
  • Versatile: an ideal solution to fit to benches, walls, and racks

When building your storage set up, you will undoubtedly find a use - or several - for these hanging spigots. They are well suited to adorning a storage panel, and will butt-join next to one another to make optimal use of the space you have available. This means that you can install these spigots as densely as you need to, to reach your desired balance between hanging storage density and required space for each item.

These spigots are made to BS1449 regulations, so you can be sure that they will perform safely and will last as long as you need them to. This also means you can use them in a commercial environment or one where the safety of others is paramount, such as in a school or other educational institution, and have confidence that you are fulfilling your duties to ensure the safety of those who make use of your establishment.

Whether in the work environment or at home, if you're putting together storage cupboards, whether for tools or for any other purpose, the ability to securely hang objects helps you make the best use of space and, just as importantly, keeps your belongings organised. These hanging spigots are built from strong steel, so they are as solid and reliable as they look.

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