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Smoke Alarm Spray Tester

Check your alarm's sensors are in working order


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  • Quick and effective way to test alarm sensors
  • Fast clearing time
  • Suitable for both photoelectric and ionisation smoke detectors

Smoke alarms usually have a built-in testing button, but this doesn't always reveal whether or not the sensors are working properly, which means the alarm could fail to operate in the event of an actual fire. Because of this, testing the sensors themselves on a regular basis is vital to ensure smoke alarms are in full working order and ready to do their jobs. Using a testing spray such as this one should be an integral part of your regular maintenance and safety checks, alongside reliable smoke alarm systems such as our long-life model.

Testing a smoke alarm with the spray couldn't be simpler. All that's required is to give a quick spray in the direction of the sensors and, as long as everything is working properly, the alarm will trigger. If it fails to sound, you know you have a faulty smoke detector that needs repair or replacement as soon as possible. Once testing has finished, the spray clears extremely quickly, so you won't be stuck with fire alarms going off for a long time afterwards and causing potentially costly problems.

The spray works with both photoelectric and ionisation smoke detectors, so is sure to work with yours whether it uses a single one of these sensor types, or is one of the dual-sensor models. It's non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive and ozone friendly, so you don't need to clear the area to use it.

Fire safety is one of the most important concerns when protecting any business, and we stock a full range of fire safety equipment to help you fulfil your legal responsibilities. We even offer a Standard and Advanced Evac+Chair Training Course to help you make sure you're fully prepared for emergencies.

Additional Information

Description Spray Tester
Specifications / Characteristics 150ml Aerosol Can
Supplied in Single

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