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Self-adhesive anti-slip safety tapes

Make steps, smooth floors and other hazards safer, indoors and out.

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From: £7.80 ex. VAT ( £9.36 inc. VAT)
  • Incredibly fast, easy application, with no extra tools required
  • Suitable for use on a range of indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Tough, durable surface dramatically improves grip

Surfaces all over the average building and its surroundings are slippery enough to cause serious hazards, especially outdoors in wet or freezing weather. These anti-slip tapes are a simple way to improve the gripping ability of a range of smooth surfaces, helping people to stay safely on their feet to prevent injuries.

The tapes are self-adhesive to make application a simple process. Just peel off the backing, apply them to the surface and the job is done. Although the adhesive is strong and reliable, we recommend treating the surface with a primer before application, to get the best possible result. This is especially important on porous surfaces, or when using the tapes outdoors.

These Setonwalk tapes are available in either black or yellow, so they can also be used to increase visibility, which draws people's attention to dangerous steps or other potential tripping hazards. Anti-slip tapes are also available with a glow-in-the-dark surface, which greatly improves safety in low light. They're ideal for applying to steps in poorly-lit areas, or along fire routes to help people evacuate safely when they're in a hurry.

The anti-slip tapes are effective in wet or greasy conditions, so they're useful in areas of your business where liquids and oils are liable to be spilt on the ground. Their durability makes them withstand heavy foot traffic, so they don't need frequent replacement in busy areas. If you're using them outdoors or in places where spillages are likely, treat the tapes with edge sealer immediately after you apply them, to prevent lifting. It keeps water and oils out and helps the tape keep its strong adhesion for longer.

This versatile solution to slippery, dangerous surfaces can be used throughout the workplace, so one product can cover many different areas. If the tape is too big for a certain situation, it can be cut to size without losing its performance, and the black version is available in several size options.

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5 months ago

Service: Great service fast postage

Product: excellent service many thanks

4 years ago

Service: Fast easy purchase, no problems.Our response: Thanks so much for your comments. Customer experience and satisfaction is extremely important to us.


Product: Does what it says, Easy to fix.

4 years ago

Service: Fast ,efficient and friendlyOur response: Thanks so much for your comments. Customer experience and satisfaction is extremely important to us.


Product: Time will tell

4 years ago

Service: Very helpful with guidanceOur response: Thank you for spending the time to fill this in. Customer experience and satisfaction are extremely important to us.


Product: Exactly as described.

5 years ago

Service: good fast service

Product: Great product sticks very well to concrete floor

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