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Essential and informative Scafftag Towertag

Vital safety information is recorded and displayed on the Scafftag Towertag.


From: £7.99 ex. VAT ( £9.59 inc. VAT)
  • Highly visible design
  • Easy to fit in a prominent location
  • A durable construction

Prevent accidents from occurring when working at heights by using the unique Scafftag Towertag tagging system. The Scafftag Towertag is used to record and display key information pertaining to the safety of the mobile tower at its point of use.

The Scafftag Towertag is comprised of two parts, a holder and an insert. The durable holder, made from ABS, is used when the tower is waiting to be inspected or has failed an inspection. A prohibition symbol and "do not use scaffold" text are displayed in red on a white background for greater visibility. This ensures workers know at first glance not to use the tower in question.

When a tower has been inspected and is deemed safe for use, the insert is used. This displays identification information, maintenance information, details of the latest inspection, the maximum safe working load and the movement of the tower scaffold. In contrast to the holder, the colouring is green and white on one side and yellow on the reverse. This way, workers can easily identify towers that are deemed safe to use and can check the latest safety information recorded on the Scafftag Towertag. A complete Scafftag Towertag kit is available, comprising 10 holders, 20 inserts and two pens. Alternatively, replacement inserts are available in packs of 10 or 50.

The vital Scafftag Towertag should be fitted at every legal access point of the mobile tower, which is usually the ladder access point. It should originally be attached when the tower is first built and should remain there until it is dismantled. Provide workers with a Scafftag Towertag tower inspection pocket guide for quick on-the-spot reference about mobile tower components. The semi-rigid plastic guide has a labelled diagram helping workers to check the tower conforms to safety regulations with ease.

As well as using the pocket guide as a convenient reminder, display the Scafftag Towertag inspection guide poster in a prominent area to serve as a quick reference point on site, as well as a useful training tool.

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