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Emergency Water Rescue Throwing Bags

Saves lives wherever there's deep water


£54.85 ex. VAT ( £65.82 inc. VAT)
  • Simple to operate
  • Includes visual instructions
  • Weighted to assist throwing

In places with deep water, accidents can happen, and if they do, waiting for help to arrive puts lives at risk. Give members of the public a way to help someone who has fallen into the water by providing an emergency throw bag, kept safe and ready for use in an eye-catching cabinet designed for the purpose.

These bags are simple to use but highly effective at helping somebody who is trapped in the water. The user simply throws it to the person in danger, who holds on to one of the attached grab loops so they can be pulled ashore. There is also a grab loop at the end that the thrower holds, helping them to keep a firm grip on the line and pull the other person in safely. The brightly-coloured bag is easy to spot in the water, and will float on the surface when it lands, which helps it to be found easily in a stressful situation.

The bag has a quick-release feature, so is ready to use in next to no time when needed. It has pictogram instructions printed on it, which are much faster and easier to understand than plain text. This saves precious seconds if the rescuer needs to know how the bag is used properly.

A weight inside the bag helps it to be thrown accurately, even if there is a strong wind that would normally make it a more difficult operation. This is another feature that can make all the difference, as missing your mark and throwing it in the wrong place can mean it needs to be pulled in and thrown a second time, wasting valuable time.

To help prevent accidents in and around water, display some deep water warning signs to advise people to use caution or keep away.

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