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Portable Recycling Centres

Environmentally-friendly recycling solution for workplace waste.


From: £153.00 ex. VAT ( £183.60 inc. VAT)
  • Self-closing and ideal for the busy workplace
  • Fire retardant for extra safety
  • Lightly-sprung, colour-coded flaps for ease of use

Recycling is increasingly important today, particularly in the workplace, where it's vital to help the environment as much as we possibly can. Harmful greenhouse gases and chemicals are released from rubbish dumped at landfill sites, so recycling helps to reduce this pollution. In addition, global warming and habitat destruction are just some the negative effects caused by deforestation. Recycling is valuable in reducing the need for more raw materials, enabling us to preserve the rainforests.

These convenient recycling centres are ideal for any busy workplace, being smart in appearance, simple and convenient. They are fire-retardant for extra safety and are self-closing, so they're convenient to use. They're available with an optional, galvanised-metal liner that you can lift out for ease of emptying.

The large, colour-coded flaps are lightly sprung, making them easy to open and close, while each container has the recycling symbol printed on the top, in blue, green or yellow. You can order all three colours to create a complete recycling system for different types of waste. This enables you to segregate your waste, a necessary procedure for effective recycling.

Yellow-topped bins are for plastic bottles, food and drink cans, foil takeaway containers, empty aerosol cans, foil pie cases, glass bottles and glass jars. Blue-topped bins are for greetings cards, but not those with foil or glitter, newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, envelopes and paper. Green bins are for grass cuttings, hedge clippings, flower and plant cuttings, twigs, small branches and leaves.

We also stock clear recycling bins so you can see immediately what's already been put in the bin.

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