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White, Two-ply Recycled Toilet Tissue Rolls

Pack of 36 recycled two-ply toilet rolls


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  • Soft and strong two-ply toilet tissue
  • Packs of 36 rolls at an economical price
  • Perfect for use in any workplace

These quality two-ply soft paper recycled toilet rolls are ideal for general use in any business. They are neither quilted nor perfumed, but provide strong and absorbent materials to do precisely what is needed in a busy workplace. With 320 sheets per roll, they provide long use before needing to be changed and come in packs of thirty-six, making them ideal for large organisations and to keep costs low.

The rolls are a uniform white and suitable for use on their own in bathrooms with low to medium throughput. For busier bathrooms under constant use, we recommend the installation of a toilet roll dispenser to lower the demands on the cleaning staff and prevent simple accidents from wasting entire rolls of paper.

Ensuring that you have enough toilet paper to meet demands is an important part of any business and cannot be overlooked. Providing excellent cleaning and toilet facilities should be primary for any employer, a side of work that when done well is all but invisible to all. Failing to maintain an adequate supply of toilet paper will quickly cause unwanted issues with both staff and members of the public, as well as risking breaking the Health and Safety At Work Act.

These rolls are made of 100% recycled paper, ensuring they are as gentle on the environment as possible. They are also naturally biodegradable, so impact the environment minimally once used. Using white toilet rolls rather than coloured ones also lowers the number of chemicals used as dye in their construction which can negatively impact water supplies.

At Safetyshop, we have an extensive range of bathroom supplies for maintaining hygienic and inviting facilities and improving the workload for your cleaning staff. Like any industry, advances in bathroom technology and research into cleaning products occur constantly, so it is worth spending some time browsing our modern range of products which may make a great improvement to that near-invisible side of the business.

Additional Information

Description 2-Ply Recycled Toilet Rolls – 320 Sheets
Pack Qty. 36
Packaging Qty. 36
Product Description Recycled Toilet Rolls

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