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High visibility black-and-yellow recycled rubber speed ramp

Durable speed ramp made from recycled rubber and coloured for maximum visibility.


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  • Can reduce traffic speed to approximately 10mph
  • Made from ultra-tough recycled rubber that’s guaranteed not to rot or break apart
  • Designed to be seen, even in poor-visibility conditions, so drivers won’t miss it

Excessive vehicular speed can be very dangerous on sites with high levels of foot traffic. Any collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian can be fatal or injurious. Of course, fast-moving vehicles may also collide with each other on sites with complex road layouts. If you run a site or premises where fast-moving vehicles might pose a risk to pedestrians and other motorists, you have a responsibility to deploy traffic-calming measures in order to reduce vehicular speeds.

Our high visibility black-and-yellow recycled speed ramps are one of the most efficient ways of slowing down traffic. Vehicles have to slow down to approximately 10mph in order to comfortable pass over these ramps. Ergo, by deploying them at regular intervals throughout your site’s road system or car park, you can ensure that vehicles maintain a reduced speed.

You might be concerned about drivers failing to see the speed ramps, but there is no need to worry. These recycled rubber speed ramps are painted with yellow stripes and have built-in reflectors to ensure that they can be seen even in low-visibility conditions. They have even been UV stabilised so that their striking colour scheme won’t fade over time. Of course, if you want to make absolutely sure that drivers don’t miss them, you can invest in our 'road humps ahead' signs to deploy with them.

Because they are made from highly resilient recycled rubber, our speed ramps won’t succumb to wear-and-tear. That means that they won’t pose a risk to drivers by rotting away or breaking apart at a potentially dangerous moment. The underside of each ramp features two channels which can be used for pipes or cables, so you won’t have to worry about compromising on drainage or other facilities when you install them.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Yellow/Black
Description Recycled Rubber Speed Ramp<br>2 channels (30mm H x 30mm W) - will accomodate cables / allow for facilities drainage
Material 100% recycled rubber
Product Description Rubber Speed Ramps - 27Kg
Supplied in Single
Weight 27 kg
Weight 27kg
Size 64 (H) x 300 (W) x 1830mm (L)
Channel Size 2 x 30 (H) x 30mm (W)

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