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Highly visible PPE warehouse visitor safety stations

Highly visible and informative stations for PPE storage.

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From: £71.40 ex. VAT ( £85.68 inc. VAT)

  • Includes a 3D header sign viewable from all angles
  • Supplied with decals
  • Available with or without compartments

Ensure employees and visitors know where to find personal protective equipment by using our PPE warehouse visitor safety station. Choose a design with three compartments to hold small PPE, two compartments for larger items or no compartments at all for bulky equipment. The storage area can be increased by adding more compartments to the bottom of the station.

The storage station is clearly visible due to the large 3D sign, which can be seen from every angle. This informative sign details the appropriate PPE to use as well as essential safety procedures. The sign is updatable for specific information pertaining to the workplace and is supplied with decals for effective labelling. Use our PPE warehouse visitor safety station to store some PPE over shoes, giving extra protection to employees and visitors as they walk through the workplace.

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