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Spill Aid liquid absorbing granules in three sizes

Absorb liquids on any surface so they can be quickly swept away

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From: £3.60 ex. VAT ( £4.32 inc. VAT)
  • Up to 30 times more absorbent than clay granules
  • Turns liquid into a solid for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for many different substances

Spilt liquids can be extremely frustrating, or can cause accidents by making floors slippery. Spillages are a particular nuisance on surfaces that make cleaning them up difficult. They can also be hazardous to health if they're certain chemicals or oils, so having a quick and effective way to clean them up helps ensure the safety of your workplace.

These granules absorb many types of liquid extremely quickly, turning it into a solid that can simply be swept away or removed using a vacuum cleaner. They can be used on oils, petrol, alkalis, acids, solvents, bodily fluids and many more unpleasant or hazardous substances. Place one of our classic wet floor signs near to the spill while you deal with it, and these granules mean you won't have to leave it there for long.

They're lightweight and easy to store, and the three different pack sizes available mean you can either buy in bulk or keep just enough in stock to suit your needs. Having access to this product means you can save a considerable amount of time, effort and money on cleaning up spills, as they can help you deal with substances that can otherwise cause a great deal of upheaval and potential danger. If you have particularly hazardous substances that are liable to be spilt near to drains, make sure you keep a PVC drain cover to hand so that you can prevent dangerous materials polluting the water.

If you need to deal with spillages regularly, and there's a possibility of them happening in various parts of your premises, our mobile trolley spill kit has a complete clean-up solution on wheels, and is available with specific products for chemicals, oils or general maintenance, so you can get the most effective version available for the materials you handle.

Using a spill kit trolley alongside these absorbent granules gives you options for spills of different levels of severity, so you can deal with a range of situations effectively.

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Product Description Powder Absorbent Granules

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