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Portable, lightweight folding massage and therapy table

A versatile, compact couch suitable for multiple treatment purposes


£325.00 ex. VAT ( £390.00 inc. VAT)
  • Sturdy and durable with a maximum user weight of 150kg
  • Extremely versatile: can be set to multiple positions and heights
  • Weighs just 15kg for extra portability

Taking your business mobile and having the ability to travel to your clients is a great way to expand your customer base and build higher earnings. But that isn't always easy, particularly if you need heavy, bulky equipment like a massage couch to do your work. Unlike its heavy and difficult to move relatives, this lightweight, compact folding table is an excellent solution to the problem of having a fixed workspace and needing clients to come to you. If you don't need a folding couch, take a look at our standard examination couch instead.

It's not just massage therapists who would find this useful for their mobile business. The table is suitable for use in physiotherapy, sports therapy, beauty treatments, acupuncture, or all kinds of holistic treatments. It has a breathing hole for use face down, which can be closed with the supplied plug when not in use. The table has a multi-position, self-locking back, so it can be used in different positions and quickly adapted to your needs as you work. The height of the couch is also adjustable, and can range from 640-800mm to help you work in comfort.

Even if you don't need to transport your therapy couch, you might find that you're short on space in your working area. The ability to fold the table away when not in use means you can free up quite a bit of space. You can unfold it again so quickly that you won't have to waste time putting it up.

Whether you're using a static or folding examination couch, make sure you have plenty of paper couch roll to keep things hygienic from one patient to the next, and keep your equipment clean.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Blue
Size (H) x (W) x (L) 640 x 660 x 1840 mm
Supplied in Single
Weight 15 kg

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