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Easy to use, popular Tensabarrier barrier system

Lightweight, anti-tamper popular Tensabarrier barrier system with webbing brake system.


£195.00 ex. VAT
£157.40 ex. VAT ( £188.88 inc. VAT)

  • Two-way connectivity
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Available in a choice of colours

Control crowds easily using our popular Tensabarrier barrier system. These barriers are quick and easy to set up, and can provide pedestrian walkways to ease and control the flow of movement.

The popular Tensabarrier barrier system is comprised of posts made from UPVC plastic that fit into black cast iron bases that weigh 7kg. These bases have rubber feet for extra stability. The posts measure 920mm in height and are lightweight in design for easy manoeuvrability. Each post is fitted with a cassette that contains woven webbing. The woven webbing is 2 metres in length and is designed with two colours.

Once a post is in the desired place, the webbing is simply pulled from the cassette and attached to the next post. When the webbing is released, it retracts back into the post's cassette. Once the webbing is securely in place in an adjacent post, it can only be released once the release button is pressed. This anti-tamper locking tape end prevents accidental release from occurring. Not only does the barrier system feature an anti-tamper device but it has a patented webbing brake system that prevents the risk of accidents. It works by slowing down the webbing's retraction.

The popular Tensabarrier barrier system is available in a choice of colours: red posts with red and black webbing, yellow posts with yellow and black webbing or white posts with white and black webbing. The webbing is Tensabarrier branded, although alternative webbing can be ordered with the barrier system, if preferred. The flat-packed posts are supplied in pairs, along with a 10mm Allen key that is used to assemble them.

To restrict access to an area without using any floor space, use our pre-printed wall-mounted Tensabarrier units. When space is limited, these wall-mounted units are ideal as the webbing just pulls out and retracts again when not in use. Both sides of the webbing are printed with a message for high visibility.

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