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Durable plastic kick step with non-slip platform

Durable plastic kick step with non-slip platform ideal for supermarkets, schools and offices


£55.95 ex. VAT ( £67.14 inc. VAT)
  • Constructed from tough, durable plastic
  • Non-slip platform and rubber base to prevent slipping
  • Highly regarded by consumers and manufacturers

The plastic kick step is the safest, most secure and hard-wearing plastic step you can buy. With incredibly tough plastic construction, compliant with BS EN-14183 regulations, the unit is 100% durable and safe from denting and rusting.

The kick step moves on three spring-loaded castors that retract when weight is applied. This provides a stable base from which to work at the same time as making the step easily transportable to your desired location. The product is also incredibly lightweight, making it quick to kick or glide.

The built-in textured non-slip platform prevents the user from slipping, while the rubber base ring ensures the step firmly grips to the floor once weight is applied, preventing the unit from sliding or rolling.

The kick step is approved to recognised European GS Standard and is highly regarded by consumers and manufacturers. It is designed to carry up to 150kg in weight, making it suitable for use by everyone in the workplace.

We often need to fetch items from hard to reach places and this plastic kick step is widely used in schools, supermarkets and offices for that purpose. Whether you are stacking shelves or reaching for the first-aid-kit on the top shelf, the kick step ensures you can reach those tough spots quickly and safely.

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