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Useful and versatile pipe cleaning brushes

Essential cleaning tool for pipes and hard-to-access areas


From: £22.99 ex. VAT ( £27.59 inc. VAT)
  • Ensure your pipes retain their cleanliness
  • Range of different brush options
  • Suitable for steam cleaning

For the modern day cleaning manager, comprehensive cleaning which incorporates every element of a site is very much expected, so it is no surprise that our pipe cleaning brushes are in high demand.

With a choice of brush options including soft and stiff, they help cleaning teams reach the parts of a premises that other implements simply cannot, including in and around interior and exterior pipes, in tight corners, and beneath sinks. They are also the perfect partner for steam cleaning; having been clinically proven to comfortably withstand temperatures of up to 121°C, they make for a formidable cleaning tool.

For those that have challenging locations to reach, perhaps on high ceilings and roofs, we can provide a range of telescopic handles of up to 9ft that can help you complete even the most daunting of cleaning jobs, such as reaching those high level overhead tubes and pipes. The pipe cleaning brushes are also effective when breaking up substances that have led to the full clogging of tubes.

The Pipe Cleaning Brushes we offer are part of a specific range of floor cleaning and high level cleaning products, helping you with those tasks that present a challenge to cleaning teams.

When it comes to waste management and cleaning products, Safetyshop has all bases covered, from safety signs to products that cordon off areas, as well as a whole collection of other useful brushes; such as squeegees and dust beaters, sweepers and deck scrubs. We are also fully stocked when it comes to vacuum cleaners - from industrial wet and dry units to traditional Henry hoovers.

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