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Easy visibility pedestrian route signs

Eye-catching signs alert pedestrians to potentially dangerous areas


From: £9.50 ex. VAT
From: £8.65 ex. VAT ( £10.37 inc. VAT)
  • Black and white symbol signs for warning pedestrians
  • Symbols are complaint with safety rules and regulations
  • Suitable for both internal and external use

In workplaces where there are a variety of people and vehicles sharing the same space, it is important to ensure that safety of your workers is addressed from all angles. Our pedestrian route signs are an effective way to warn both pedestrians and vehicles of areas that are safe for people to walk.

Our pedestrian route signs, which are also commonly known as pedestrian zone signs or pedestrian warning posters, are ideal for use in a range of internal and external locations. Made of a durable material, they are designed to weather all kinds of conditions, reliably staying in place to prevent pedestrians from walking into potentially dangerous zones.

All of our pedestrian danger signs are compliant with a number of important health and safety regulations that are imperative in the majority of workplaces, such as BS 8501:2000. Upon recognising our signs, pedestrians in your workplace will know that it is safe to walk in specific zones, and any operating vehicles will know to take extra care when there are pedestrians in close proximity. We stock a range of safety signs to warn pedestrians: our no pedestrian access signs are an adequate way to stop pedestrians accessing dangerous areas.

For working sites where vehicles are operating, extra care must be taken to ensure that low speed limits are adhered to. Our speed awareness signs signs are easy to spot, making for ideal additions to any site in which vehicles and pedestrians share space.

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