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Panoply work boots

Comfortable, durable and safe boots for a variety of working environments


From: £39.95 ex. VAT ( £47.94 inc. VAT)

  • Sturdy boot with protective steel toecap
  • Steel midsoles for added protection
  • Comfortable fit with padded collars

Whatever type of manual labour or construction work is being carried out, it is essential to have footwear that can offer both adequate protection and comfort. Our Panoply safety boots are perfect for a variety of manual and construction jobs, making sure safety standards for footwear on work sites is adhered to.

Our Panoply safety boots, also known as construction work boots, workman’s boots and high-top safety boots, offer a superior level of comfort, whatever you need them for. Made of high quality, durable material, they are designed to weather a range of conditions, both at indoor and outdoor locations. For added comfort and flexibility, they also have a soft padded collar, ensuring that you are able to stay on your feet for longer.

Another good alternative to our Panoply safety boots is our Sherpa leather half boot, a sturdy boot with a higher top for extra comfort on the job.

The Panoply safety boots are also designed to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, and can be compared to footwear from other popular, top quality high street brands. Fashion mixes with practicality on this boot, with a steel midsole built into the bottom of the shoe, and steel toecap subtly camouflaged at the tip of the shoe.

Work boots are an important safety consideration for construction workplaces. But they are just one part of work attire. We also stock a range of other safety clothing in our range, including the essential high vis bomber jacket, which is often a requirement for staff working in a number of potentially hazardous environments.

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Brand Panoply®

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