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Hands-Free Foot Control Panel for Hughes Safety Shower

Easily operate the Hughes safety shower without using the hands


£314.00 ex. VAT ( £376.80 inc. VAT)
  • Helps quick operation in an emergency
  • Easier than locating a hand control
  • Hand operation is still possible if necessary

For washing the eyes, face or other body parts in an emergency, the Hughes combination safety shower is a great solution for various working environments. Adding this foot pedal to the shower unit makes it far quicker and easier to operate in an emergency, which can make it more effective at relieving problems.

The foot pedal has a large surface, which makes it easy to spot. This is a particularly important feature if a person needs to operate the shower because they have debris or dangerous substances in their eyes. It's also quicker to find than a hand-operated control. If there's a reason the foot control isn't suitable for a particular person's needs, the shower is still able to be operated by hand, so you can still have both options if you install this foot panel.

Additional Information

Brand Hughes Safety Showers
Description Panel Foot Control
Supplied in Single

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