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Fully Adjustable Gas Lift Chair

Fully adjustable gas lift chair for the work place.


From: £109.99 ex. VAT ( £131.99 inc. VAT)
  • Hard wearing and adjustable to operator's requirements
  • Suited to assembly lines and check outs
  • Choice of base designs

For job roles which involve a lot of time spent sitting down, it really is vital that the chair provided to workers ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort, safety and efficiency.

The body can easily become strained when sitting incorrectly, sometimes leading to problems related to posture, spine alignment and sciatica. Slouching and other potentially harmful sitting positions can be eliminated with the provision of a chair designed to encourage an upright posture, while still offering the required degree of comfort.

With this padded chair, the operator is in control, with the height of the seat fully adjustable thanks to gas lift control, as well as the back of the seat.

With a slim body shape and rotating mechanism, this padded chair is especially suited to the supermarket checkout worker, as well as assembly lines or the shop floor.

If you are in search of a durable set of chairs for long term use within the workplace, you will be interested to know that the hard wearing polyurethane that the seats and backs are manufactured from is a preferred material for chairs designed with frequent use in mind.

Depending on your requirements, the padded chair comes with a choice of base designs; choose from either an Adjustable Foot Ring or Castor Base.

Just like this padded chair, all of our office and furniture equipment offers the benefit of comfort coupled with intelligent design that has the health of the employee in mind as well as being built to last for a welcome return on investment.

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