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Open-Top Wall-Mounted Steel Waste Sack Holders in Choice of Colours

Simple waste disposal facilities that are easy to empty and keep clean


From: £49.99 ex. VAT ( £59.99 inc. VAT)

  • Elasticated cord keeps waste sacks in place
  • Green-coloured option for recycling
  • Suitable for use outdoors

To minimise people dropping litter on the ground, you should provide a place for them to dispose of their rubbish hygienically. In outdoor areas, this can be difficult, particularly if you're concerned about bins being tipped over in schools, colleges, parks or areas where the public gather. These simple wall-mounted sack holders are the ideal solution to your waste disposal needs.

The bins are fixed to a wall, so there's no risk of them being knocked over or moved. They consist of a steel ring that holds a waste sack in place with an elastic cord, providing a convenient place to put rubbish. The holders are suitable for use indoors or outdoors and are available in a plain steel or green-finished option. The latter is ideal for providing a recycling point. We stock a selection of other waste bins for all environments.

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