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Hardwearing no smoking beyond this point signs

Clear and easily understood sign, helping you to reduce the risk of smoking in the workplace.


From: £6.49 ex. VAT
From: £5.26 ex. VAT ( £6.31 inc. VAT)
  • Conforms to BS 5499
  • Position wherever you need it to be
  • Clearly communicates where smoking is and isn't permitted.

No smoking beyond this point signage helps to keep parts of your premises smoke free where smoking may pose more of a hazard to health or may present a physical danger, such as around fuel sources, engines, chemical stores or oxygen packs. Featuring clear and succinct wording as well as the universally recognised pictogram for smoking, anyone should be able to quickly read and understand the meaning of this sign in an instant. Effective at quickly communicating the message that smoking isn't permitted beyond where you choose to position the sign, it should act as both an instant message that can be read by anyone and a crucial visual reminder for staff and visitors alike to follow your known workplace health and safety policies and procedures.

Conforming to British Standard 5499 in terms of clarity of signage, this prohibition sign includes the standard red circle, dissected diagonally by a red line, behind which there is the universally recognisable black pictogram of a lit cigarette to denote the action of smoking. The text underneath is bold white on top of a red background, making it easier to read than traditional black and white, in line with the regulations.

Durable and easy to place wherever you need it, you can choose from two sizes (210 x 148mm (A5) or 400 x 300mm) to suit the surface area you want it to adhere to, as well as the level of prominence you want it to have in your business environment. Select also from three materials (1.2mm polypropylene rigid plastic or 1.2mm self adhesive rigid plastic for either indoor or outdoor use, or self adhesive vinyl for indoor use only) so you can tailor the nature of the sign to your preferred method of adhesion and the demands of your workplace.

To complement your workplace smoking policies and procedures, take a look at our full range of smoking area and no smoking signs, as well as our prohibition signs.

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