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Mobile Air Conditioning Units

An effective and high performance solution to air cooling and conditioning


£1,006.35 ex. VAT ( £1,207.62 inc. VAT)

  • Automatic timer and remote controlled unit that chills and recirculates air that is already inside the room
  • Electronic thermostatic control panels to ensure varying levels of cooling
  • Fixed castors and adjustable louvres to direct the air as required

Regardless of the type of worksite you are part of, it is essential to provide your staff with comfortable working facilities – and in many cases it is a legal duty. Room temperature is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of a comfortable and healthy workspace, so make sure you have adequate fans, heaters or air conditioning units to satisfy the basic needs of your staff and visitors.

These mobile air conditioning units are ideal for buildings that may not have air conditioning already installed. Sometimes fans are not enough to provide cool air in the summer, so a mobile air conditioner is an ideal solution. These mobile air conditioning units can be simply plugged into a wall socket and then will immediately start chilling and recirculating air that is already in the room. The units have the added convenience of featuring fixed castors and adjustable louvres, which enable you to position the flow of air where it is desired. You can also set the power of the units as required; their electronic thermostat control panels can cool at varying capacities depending on what temperature you would like the room to be at.

Your employees' preference for room temperature is likely to frequently change, but you needn’t keep getting up to adjust these mobile units; they are supplied with a useful remote control that enables you to set the direction and the power level of the air conditioning units without leaving your chair. Finally, the units come with an extremely handy automatic timer feature, which enables you to set them to start and end at certain times of the day – eliminating the risk of someone leaving them on when they are not needed.

For extra hot rooms, why not supplement your air conditioning systems with these simple every day cooling fans, for the added comfort of your staff and visitors.

Additional Information

Size (H x W x D)
Description 4.4 kW Air Conditioner with 3.7 kW Heat Option
Product Description 4.4kW Air Conditioner
Supplied in Single
Type 4.4kW Air Conditioner
Weight 50 kg
Size (H x W x D) 1000 x 430 x 400mm
Cooling Capacity 4.4kW.
Fan Speed Settings 3
Timer (Hours) 12
Airflow 550mm³
Operating Temperatures 15-31°C
Weight 50kg

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