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Secure cabinet for fire documents

Wall-mounted security cabinet for important fire documents


From: £39.99 ex. VAT ( £47.99 inc. VAT)
  • Choice of fastenings
  • Highly visible
  • Wall mountable for ease of use

In an emergency, such as a fire, the fire brigade and other emergency services need to know the layout of the building, where any hazardous chemicals are stored and what they are. With our strong and secure cabinet for fire documents, you can store A4 files, a lever arch file or documents with all the information needed. Place the wall-mounted document cabinet next to Reception, and your documents will be ready where you need them should the worst happen.

The document cabinet is 370mm high, 300mm wide and 140mm deep, and is pre-drilled, ready for wall mounting, with strong construction and an anti-corrosion smooth finish.

Inside the cabinet, there is also a set of 4 hooks for important key storage, and the document cupboard has the option of either a standard lock and key or a tamper-evident seal fastening to prevent unauthorised entry or loss of documents.

As part of your process planning, you might also want to have a secure permit document box at the Reception point. Clearly labelled and secured with a strong lock and a key, the permit box is a perfect way to store permits and other documents up to A4 size that you need to be able to access quickly, rather than having them lost in the general filing system.

Secure document storage is important for every part of your business, and plans should be made for how to recover in case of a disaster. One way to protect your business and speed things up if you did have to start again after a fire, for example, is to use fire-resistant storage for any paperwork you need, such as personnel files, licenses, PAL cards, passports and any copyrighted materials. We offer a range of fire-proof cabinets and cupboards, including our fire-resistant filing cabinets.

Additional Information

Product Description Metal Fire Document Cabinet
Size 370 (H) x 300 (W) x 140mm (D)

  • Secure cabinet for fire documents
  • Secure cabinet for fire documents
  • Secure cabinet for fire documents
  • Secure cabinet for fire documents
  • Secure cabinet for fire documents

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2 years ago

Service: Products were great. Loved them. Were as described. BUT customer service left a bit to be desired.

The website said order over £130 and get a free I kettle....phoned up "oh kettle comes separately" kettle...phoned the amount on the website has changed £170?..."I will chat with my manager and call you back....I said if it's easier email me......

No call, No email No boys have taken to dipping teabags in puddles and then drinking the puddle.

Product: Great just what I wanted (apart from a kettle) best price quick delivery.

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