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15-Watt Megaphone with Optional Siren or Separate Microphone

Attract attention and convey information in emergency situations


From: £49.99 ex. VAT ( £59.99 inc. VAT)

  • Powerful 15-watt performance
  • Available with a siren or a separate microphone
  • Batteries included for convenient wire-free operation

In an emergency such as a fire evacuation, it's important to ensure everyone is calm and under control so that the situation can be handled safely. Having an effective means of getting people's attention and giving them information is vital. A megaphone is an ideal way to do this, letting your voice carry much further than it would otherwise be able to.

With its 15-watt power, this megaphone lets you be heard clearly indoors or out, and over a fair distance. It's available with a separate microphone, which makes it easier to use, or a siren alarm, which is highly effective at getting people's attention. We also stock air horns which can be an excellent complement to an alarm, especially outside.

The megaphone has a simple push-button operation, with the button situated in the handle. There's also a volume control that lets you tone down the power if it's excessive for the situation. This megaphone makes a useful piece of equipment for fire wardens who need to provide people with instructions in situations where they might be panicking and background noise can create difficulty hearing. A full fire warden kit is also available, which provides a megaphone and a selection of vital accessories to help with smooth and efficient evacuation procedures.

Our megaphones are battery-operated, so no wires or external power sources are needed. The six C-cell batteries required for operation are supplied with the megaphone, so it's ready to use as soon as you get it. It's lightweight but strong, so it's useful for carrying with you in situations where it's needed. On construction sites or other outdoor areas where fire safety can be challenging, our self-contained wireless alarm unit gives you a way to notify people if an evacuation is occurring.

A megaphone isn't only useful for emergencies. They can also be used to provide information during outdoor events like fetes and festivals, and for training purposes with large groups outside. Their versatility makes them a useful item to keep handy, and their compact design means they're convenient to store.

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Power 15W

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