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High Visibility Manual Handling Warning Labels

A roll of 200 manual handling labels to warn workers against the risk of injury.


From: £62.95 ex. VAT ( £75.54 inc. VAT)
  • A choice of five different warning labels
  • Highly visible
  • Easy to affix to heavy equipment.

If you run a business where you use heavy and potentially dangerous equipment, you will need to fulfil the industry health and safety standards by warning your workers, and the general public, of their potential danger. Most companies have a variety of different types of vehicles and equipment that they need to label, so the Manual Handling Labels have a choice of five types. Each one self explanatory - Caution - Do not lift manually. Use equipment provided, Caution - Handle with care, Caution - Heavy, Caution - two person handling required and a danger symbol.

Of course you can only warn people. You can't stop them from using or lifting a piece in the wrong way or in an irresponsible manner. If you have the warning label affixed in a visible position on your equipment, however, no one can hold you liable if a worker goes against the warning and injures themselves.

In addition to the high visibility of its bright yellow background, each label is easy to affix - no matter how awkward a shape of a piece of equipment may be. The sticker will not only always be sticky and thick enough to put on easily, but it is strong enough to stay in place.

We have a variety of other warning labels for sale. If you are looking for something more specific you can browse our site. Everything is covered. Vinyl forklift truck warning symbol labels make customers aware of forklifts in the area and fire exit keep clear signs caution people against blocking fire exits.

With so much lifting and heavy equipment involved, warehouses are full of potential dangers. Warning labels won't stop accidents in your workplace, but they are one of the best preventive measures you can take, showing respect for both your workers and the general public.

Additional Information

Product Description Manual Handling Warning Labels
No. of labels per roll 200

  • High Visibility Manual Handling Warning Labels
  • High Visibility Manual Handling Warning Labels
  • High Visibility Manual Handling Warning Labels
  • High Visibility Manual Handling Warning Labels
  • High Visibility Manual Handling Warning Labels

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