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Colourful, Photographic Manual Handling Safety Poster in Plastic or Laminated Paper

Prevent injuries by encouraging people to handle goods safely

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From: £10.50 ex. VAT ( £12.60 inc. VAT)
  • Available in a choice of size and materials
  • Includes a space to write the contact details of a person with more information
  • Simple text with photos to illustrate correct lifting procedure

Incorrect manual handling is one of the most common causes of workplace injury, and because goods handling occurs in so many different types of work, there's a good chance it will be relevant to your staff. Our training DVD is a good introduction to the topic, and the audio-visual format is a particularly effective way to demonstrate good handling technique, but despite thorough training, people often forget the advice given, or neglect to follow it. This poster is a useful way to provide a constant reminder that people will see often, increasing the chances that they'll lift and move items safely.

The poster is designed with bright colours to catch people's attention and includes photos so that people can see a comparison between good and bad handling techniques. The text is kept simple and arranged into neat sections, making it easy for people to read and take in, and saving time when someone wants to find a specific piece of information. There's also a section where you can write in the name of a person with more information, for example, a trainer or supervisor, so staff know who to direct their questions to. Using the advice on the poster helps minimise the risk of handling accidents, and can be displayed near to our general health and safety poster for a more comprehensive display.

With three different sizes and three materials available, you can choose the combination that's right for your needs. All the materials are chosen for their durability, with the semi-rigid plastic and rigid plastic options being ideal for areas that are particularly busy or where vehicles and pedestrians are likely to brush past frequently.

To make lifting heavy objects even safer, staff can use equipment such as the Ergodyne back support belt for assistance maintaining a good posture, especially if performing handling duties for long periods.

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