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Plastic Male Toilet Door Signs

Ensure the location of your male washrooms is clear throughout your facility

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£14.99 ex. VAT
£12.14 ex. VAT ( £14.57 inc. VAT)

  • Universally recognisable toilet symbol
  • Simple to apply without fixtures or fittings
  • Conforms to health and safety in the workplace signage standards

It is a legal responsibility to provide your staff with comfortable working environments where it is easy for them to carry out their daily jobs properly. So whatever type of workplace you are part of, make sure you provide adequate washroom facilities for your staff – and then clearly mark them so that they can be easily located. These male toilet signs are ideal for placing on the doors of your changing facilities and can be easily applied to almost any surface that is clean, dry and smooth.

These handy signs display a clear message to all; bold black text sits upon a white background, and a universally recognised male symbol is included for instant clarity – so these signs would be an ideal addition to any workplace. The male toilet door signs are made from a strong and durable rigid plastic material that is designed for permanent usage. You can easily fix the toilet signs into their desired position using standard screws to suit your surface type – just simply drill through the plastic for a strong hold.

The signs come in a standard A4 paper size, so can also be mounted within many ready-made frames, such as our popular aluminium snap frames for added aesthetic appeal and protection. Furthermore, they are resistant to many factors that often cause damage, such as contact with water and many light chemical substances. Our male washroom facility signs are made from an environmentally friendly material that, once finished with, can be fully recycled.

Being placed next to toilet facilities, these signs have the potential to pick up various dirt and germs if left untreated. However, their smooth satin finish makes them easy to keep clean, designed especially to be wiped easily with a simple cloth and detergent so that you can keep your washrooms hygienic for all to use at all times.

Make sure way-finding is a simple task for staff and visitors to your building. Our selection of general information signs contains signs and poster for a wide range of purposes.

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