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Steel Lock Boxes

Secure steel boxes for complex lockout procedures.


From: £39.99 ex. VAT ( £47.99 inc. VAT)

  • Heavy duty lock boxes in strong steel
  • Weatherproof and tough: ideal for any site
  • Up to 13 individual locks

Safety comes first when working in a team using heavy machinery, and carrying out complicated and dangerous work. That is why the lockout system was devised. A clever piece of health and safety strategy, locking out requires each member of the team to hold a key to the machine in use. When work is completed and the machine is shut down, each key for operation is placed in the box and locked down with team members' individual padlocks. This way, the machine cannot be started up without all keys to all locks, and therefore no-one can be placed in danger.

This lockout failsafe procedure adopted by so many workplaces has no doubt saved countless lives and prevented many injuries, but organising the lockout can be a headache for site staff. That's why these lock boxes are such a great investment. The heavy steel boxes have been designed to comply with standard lockout procedure, and each box can take up to 13 separate padlocks, including the master lock. You can also pick up heavy duty padlocks from our extensive range of safety and security products.

The lock boxes we have in stock are ideal for most industrial lockout applications and specially designed to meet these processes safely. However, they could also be called into use for other security lockout procedures - for example, holding team funds. All locking mechanisms are designed to meet required safety standards and the boxes are built to last in durable, tough steel for repeated daily use without wear or fault.

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