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Rigid Plastic And Vinyl Liquid Nitrogen Signs

Provide ample warning of the presence of liquid nitrogen in the workplace


From: £4.00 ex. VAT
From: £3.24 ex. VAT ( £3.89 inc. VAT)

  • Conforms to UK and EU health and safety signage regulations
  • Durable even in the toughest of conditions
  • Universal application for use both indoors and outdoors

There are now very strict regulations and legislation in place surrounding safety signs and signals, particularly for harsh working environments such as scientific settings, laboratories and construction sites where chemicals are present. As a responsible business, you will need to erect appropriate chemical signs to warn staff and visitors of all possible hazards in order to minimise the chances of accidents and injuries.

These liquid nitrogen signs are ideal for placing around workplaces where there is a potential hazard caused by the presence of liquid nitrogen. The mandatory signs use universally recognised yellow and black colours; a bold black text is printed onto the yellow background for utmost visibility at all times and from all distances. The liquid nitrogen signs also display the warning triangle pictogram that alerts people to potential dangers.

Erecting your liquid nitrogen signs is an easy task. We stock our signs in a choice of either a rigid plastic or a vinyl, both of which have self-adhesive backings, removing the need for fixtures and fittings. Just simply peel off the removable back layer to reveal the sticky side; once stuck down, the sign will immediately develop a firm hold that will stay in place indefinitely without peeling or slipping. For outdoor use, we also stock the sign in a non-adhesive vinyl; this fully waterproof sign can withstand tough outdoor conditions without erosion or fading, and without the need for frequent replacement.

Working in an environment where chemicals are present, you will understand the importance of hygiene; that is why our hazard signs are easy to keep clean; their glossy surface can be easily wiped clean to remove any residue.

If your workplace has a variety of chemicals present that could potentially cause a grave danger to staff and visitors, make sure you provide extra clear warnings. These dangerous chemicals signs are a popular choice and cover warning of a wide range of dangerous substances in one convenient sign.

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Service: very helpful staffOur response: Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. All feedback is important to us and will help our continuous improvements


Product: fitter had trouble applying sticker as it wasn't very 'sticky' once removed from the backing paper. Had to use contact adhesive instead which didn't react well with the sticker.

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