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JSP PressToCheck Protective Face Mask Filters

A definitive way to tell that a filter is properly installed with an airtight seal


From: £11.75 ex. VAT ( £14.10 inc. VAT)
  • Increase safety when using masks
  • Options for different types of hazards
  • Unique, award-winning system

Face masks are important equipment for many different jobs, protecting the wearer from airborne hazards like gases and particles. With these unique, award-winning filters, you can keep your mask working to its full ability, and they're a more cost-effective option than buying disposable masks.

The PressToCheck system lets the user easily see that a filter has been installed properly, with a clear way to ensure an airtight seal has been created to stop particles or gas getting in and causing health risks. Options are available for either gases, particles or a combination of the two, so you can ensure you're getting effective protection from the particular type of danger in your environment.

These filters can be used with masks like the JSP Force 10, an effective and comfortable full-face respirator mask.

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