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Durable Screws for Securing Hoop Guards to Concrete

Ensure your hoop guards are stable and safe with these specific screws


£13.80 ex. VAT ( £16.56 inc. VAT)
  • Strong and hard-wearing
  • Specifically designed for this purpose
  • Four in each pack

Hoop guards are a convenient way to install a barrier between equipment and pedestrian areas, fence off certain points or protect goods and machinery from damage. They're durable, hard-wearing and resistant to impacts, but to be at the most effective, your hoop guards need to be installed properly using the correct type of fixings.

These screws are intended specifically for the purpose of fixing hoop guards to concrete, taking the guesswork out of choosing the proper fixing materials. The screws are strong, hard-wearing and help you make sure your hoop guards are as effective as possible.

If you want to fix hoop guards to a vertical surface rather than directly to the ground, our hoop guard wall socket lets you secure them to walls, loading bays and other flat upright surfaces.

Additional Information

Size (H x L)
Description 4 Concrete Screws for Hoop Guard
Supplied in Pack of 4

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