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Safety Compliant, High Voltage 17,000V Switchboard Matting

17,000V high voltage switchboard matting that is safety compliant.


From: £98.90 ex. VAT ( £118.68 inc. VAT)
  • Ideal for high voltage use
  • Various length options
  • Complies with safety standards

Switchboard matting is an important safety requirement for use in front of open switchboards or live equipment. Our safety compliant, high voltage 17,000V switchboard matting is ideal for environments where high voltage use is a feature. As well as being suitable for a 17,000V working voltage, it also meets the requirements for a 30,000V test voltage.

Made from sturdy, wear-resistant materials and measuring 6 mm in thickness, our switchboard matting meets the relevant safety standards to ensure workers are provided with the insulation needed to eliminate the risk of electric shocks.

With our safety compliant, high voltage 17,000V switchboard matting, you also get a great choice of length options to select from.

Matting is an important workplace safety feature for several purposes. If you require matting to prevent slips, you may also find our anti-slip matting highly beneficial.

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Brand COBA

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