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High-Visibility Warm Zip-Up Fleece

Keep warm and comfortable in cold high-vis working areas


From: £18.30 ex. VAT ( £21.96 inc. VAT)
  • Warm but lightweight for extra comfort
  • Zip-up front for easy removal
  • Large collar for extra warmth around the neck

High-visibility clothing is a necessary part of working in a number of different environments, particularly outdoors in low light. A high-vis waitcoat is a convenient way to make sure you're complying with regulations, as it can easily be worn over the top of other clothing. During cold weather, or in other chilly environments, however, ordinary high-vis garments can be impractical. Either the wearer gets too cold, or the garments are bulky and uncomfortable over the top of thick, layered winter clothing.

This high-visibility fleece jacket is a great solution to working during the colder months. It's designed to be warm but lightweight, so it won't hinder movement and cause discomfort over long periods of wear. The zip-up front makes it easy to put on and remove, and lets you partially open it for less warmth if needed. Designed in highly visible fluorescent yellow with reflective bands, the fleece is certain to be seen.

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