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Laser Accurate Infrared High-Temperature Thermometers

Easy to use and highly accurate, wide temperature range thermometers


From: £244.15 ex. VAT ( £292.98 inc. VAT)
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Measure in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • ’Point and shoot’ use

If you need to double check temperatures in your business, you’ll find this thermometer to be highly accurate. Whether you’re checking plant, HVAC systems or any other machinery, this infrared thermometer will be able to check for heat spots in your equipment, ensuring that nothing is overheating or at a higher or lower temperature than it should be.

Use it for health and safety checks too, as part of your general audits, to ensure staff safety.

It’s easy to use, just point it at the area you want to measure and pull the trigger, and the Feature Class II laser will hit the centre point of the area you are measuring, giving you an accurate reading instantly in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, with a range from either -50 to +550 or -50 to +1600. You’ll also receive a tripod with the higher range thermometer.

If you’d also like to measure humidity as well as temperature, why not try our reliable, durable 2 channel temperature & humidity data logger.

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