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Mechanised High Lift Pallet Trucks

Mechanised lifting that raises goods to a safe height.


From: £1,252.00 ex. VAT ( £1,502.40 inc. VAT)
  • Stabilising bars automatically prevent the truck moving when the forks are lifted
  • Slower speeds when descending with heavy goods, for increased safety
  • Straight-forward mechanism gives easy and effective lifting

Back injuries are a leading cause of time lost at work, so it makes sense to ensure that workers have everything they need to successfully move and store heavy loads without risking their health. Not only can the wrong equipment, or insufficient equipment, increase the risk of injury: if workers haven't been given the tools they need to do a job safely and negligence can be proved, your company runs the risk of unwelcome litigation proceedings.

Mechanical lifting trucks are an excellent solution to a wide range of lifting requirements. Bridging the gap between manual lifting and fully mechanised lifting, they are ideal for moving loads short distances. Designed to rise to an appropriate height for safe, simple transfer, these pallet trucks are made from extremely durable materials and constructed to last.

The telescopic jack enables goods to be quickly pumped to the correct height, whilst stabilising bars and a slower descent speed provide additional safety features.

This equipment is designed to be safely used by a single operator.

Durable, dependable and specifically designed to withstand heavy use in challenging environments, these high lift trucks are ideal for factory and warehouse use, as well as less specialist areas.

The pallet trucks are a good addition to any collection of lifting and transport equipment. We offer a wide variety of sack trucks and pallet trucks, including higher capacity sack trucks and extra long pallet trucks. No matter what equipment you need to make lifting in your workplace safe and effective, we've got something suitable to offer.

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