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Durable Winter Safety Sign Kit with Steel Stanchion

Everything you need to display effective warnings in a winter emergency


£79.95 ex. VAT ( £95.94 inc. VAT)
  • Durable stanchion with clips to hold sign in place
  • Weather-resistant signs
  • Useful for car parks and private roads

During the winter, cold weather conditions can cause many different hazards, which are a particular concern anywhere there are vehicles. In car parks, private roads, around loading bays and all manner of other places can quickly become hazardous when the weather turns.

With this winter warning sign kit, you have everything you need to quickly put up emergency information when conditions become dangerous. When not in use, the stanchion folds flat so the whole kit is easy to store, taking up minimal space.

The signs are designed to be eye-catching and effective, using standard safety symbols where relevant. The whole kit is weather-resistant, durable and suited to outdoor use.

Once you've displayed a warning sign, make conditions safe again with our complete grit bin kit, an effective way to clear ice and snow.

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