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Robust Heavy Duty Cable And Hose Protector

Remove hazards caused by loose cables running across work sites and roads

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From: £210.15 ex. VAT
From: £191.24 ex. VAT ( £229.48 inc. VAT)

  • Suitable for all types of industries – from road sites to building sites and warehouses
  • Keeps cables safe and free from damage
  • Comes with a Department of Transport Certification

Cables running across roads and areas of high pedestrian footfall can be a recipe for trouble if left uncovered. If you are running a busy outdoor work site, make sure you cover your cables with suitable exterior cable protectors to prevent damage to the cable and to remove possible hazards for motorists and pedestrians.

Made from an extra tough, yet flexible and water-resistant rubber, this robust cable and hose protector forms a protective barrier around the cable housing. The protective housing has been made to withstand heavy weight and as a result is suitable for placing across roads where cars will drive over it frequently. It is also suited to harsh outdoor conditions and many environments where harmful fumes and chemicals are present; you will often find this type of protector used on temporary traffic signal cables and at construction sites.

Available with a guaranteed Department of Transport certification, this heavy duty cable protector is often used by local authorities and public organisations as a safety aid. It is available in a range of sizes to suit your needs and can be easily cut to your desired specific size using standard tools. It is simple to fit your cables inside the housing; you can pick either our one, two or three slot option, and then simply slot your cables or hoses through each hole. Supplied in a basic black colour, the cable and hose protection system is a simple and inoffensive addition to any environment, subtly hiding unsightly cables without being too obvious an eyesore.

Many heavy duty cable covers actually serve more than one purpose. These traffic calming cable protectors have the added benefit of working as a speed bump for safe driving.

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Product Description Heavy-Duty Cable/Hose Protectors

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