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Health & Safety Training Booklets

A range of training booklets providing essential health and safety information for a variety of sectors


From: £5.25 ex. VAT ( £6.30 inc. VAT)
  • Quickly imparts essential health & safety information
  • Seven different subject areas to choose from
  • Booklets contain clear, concise text and full colour visual accompaniments

All employees must have at least a basic understanding of health and safety concepts and regulations by law. While every business will often have specific on-site rules and regulations, it’s always beneficial to have a booklet covering some relevant health and safety concepts on hand to incorporate the essential information into your business’ overall training program and/or to be able to refer to it at a later date.

To this end, our range of Health & Safety Training Booklets ensure that all employees are accurately and concisely informed of all the necessary health and safety protocols implicated in each booklet’s specific topic. This range aims to convey the health and safety information requirements of a number of sectors, with booklets covering disability, fire safety, manual handling, office safety, on-site safety, safety essentials for computer operators and safety when working from home available to purchase separately.

For those seeking extra health and safety training materials, we also offer a Health and Safety DVD guide, a Health and Safety at Work Educational DVD and our Manual Handling Essentials Educational DVD.

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