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Harmful/Irritant Symbol Self-Adhesive Laminated Polyester Labels

For quick and easy labelling of hazardous substances


From: £42.50 ex. VAT ( £51.00 inc. VAT)
  • GHS-compliant symbols
  • Strong, resistant material
  • Easy to apply to flat or curved surfaces

Substances that are irritants or otherwise harmful must be labelled so that anyone handling them can do so safely, minimising the risk to themselves and others around them. With these handy self-adhesive labels, marking all relevant containers and shelves is a hassle-free job that takes very little time to complete.

With their self-adhesive, the labels simply peel away from the backing to be applied wherever you need them. Supplied on a roll, they're easy to carry and dispense.

Each label is designed simply with the GHS-compliant symbol, for quick recognition by those who may work with hazardous materials. They're made from a strong laminated polyester, which is resistant to damage by UV light, and various oils and acids.

For other types of danger, our full range of safety labels has a wide selection of different warnings.

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Service: Excellent service. Very quick to respond to enquiry and submit purchase documentation. Definitely recommended.

Product: Good quality product and quick delivery.

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