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Digital Hanging Scales

Simple use hanging scales ideal for large packages and sacks


From: £96.80 ex. VAT ( £116.16 inc. VAT)
  • Fully digitised with ±0.5% accuracy level
  • Instant reading capability
  • Overload protection

A large share of manufacturers and distributors use weight as their main method of quantifying products, and that's why the requirement to weigh goods quickly and efficiently must be met. We stock a whole host of meters and measures which are designed to meet this very purpose, and one of the most popular products Safetyshop offers in this line are our hanging scales.

Rather than needing a large platform based system for the purpose, a perhaps surprisingly high number of sizeable items can be weighed simply by suspending them and placing on a hook, thanks to hanging scales.

The hanging scales we provide are small enough to be hand held, meaning they can easily be transported from location to location. Mindful of the potentially hazardous environments in many factories and warehouses, these hanging scales are produced from ABS plastic which is noted for its robustness.

An easy-to-read 14mm hi-contrast LCD screen makes viewing results, which are available as virtually instantaneous readings, a simple process, and all the units we stock come with batteries and a large stainless steel hook, as well as instructions for set up and use.

Safetyshop recognises that sometimes the weight of a load can be difficult to judge using only 'the eye test', so we have ensured that this set of hanging scales comes with an overload protection level which covers 25% of capacity.

At Safetyshop we are confident in meeting all of your warehouse equipment needs, so browse through the dedicated section of our website for more product information, or get in touch should you have any specific queries.

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