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Strong, Easy to Move Handling Dollies

Easily move heavy or bulky items on robust handling dollies


From: £57.25 ex. VAT ( £68.70 inc. VAT)
  • Available in five different options
  • Hold between 200kg and 545kg
  • Solid construction

Easily move heavy goods and large items to and from any location with these solid and easily transportable handling dollies. The flat base makes it easy to stack goods of different sizes, shapes and weights for transport, and the solid wheels ease movement along any surface.

Style HLG82 is a pair with a ribbed carpet cover, allowing adjustment and flexibility in moving furniture. This size is 300 x 600mm and holds up to 200kg.

HLG79 and HLG81 are made from hardwood with carpet ends. HLG79 is 310 x 460mm, HLG81 is 600 x 900mm, and both will hold up to 545kg.

Style No. NHA074 also hold 545kg, 405 x 610mm and is made from very heavy-duty plastic, which is wipe clean and allows goods to be slid on and off easily.

The final style, HLG80, is made of wood with carpet ends and is strong enough to hold up 545kg, with a size of 450 x 750mm.

Or if you’d prefer the option to have bright high visibility colours and the flexibility of being able to build your own sizes with click together options, try our Adaptable, expandable connect 'N' roll dollies.

Customer Reviews

100% of customers liked this product

4 years ago

Service: It took months to be delivered and should have come as a pack of two but only one was delivered.Our response: Thank you for your feedback. Please accept our apologies for the delay you experienced receiving this product. I can see that you called us on a number of occasions regarding delivery of the furniture trolley. Unfortunately this product wasn't in stock with our vendor at the time you placed the order and there was then a delay in receiving further supplies. Again please accept our apologies for the delay incurred.

Safetyshop Team

Product: Good

8 years ago

Service: great service, no proplems

Product: Good

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