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Lightweight hand held metal detector wand

Elevate security measures by easily identifying concealed metal objects.


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  • Includes wrist strap
  • Easy to use design
  • Automatic retuning

A staple part of protecting the workplace and stock, our hand held metal detector wand will help prevent items being illegally smuggled into or out of workplaces. A key piece of equipment for all security personnel, it's perfect for night clubs, warehouses, bars, sporting and music events.

Lightweight enough to be held in-hand for long periods of time, this portable security scanner is supplied with a wrist strap for easy carrying. Powered by a simple-to-replace battery, it can be used for spot checks in any number of locations. On top of preventing thefts, it will also deter them in many cases. Our video surveillance camera with 7" monitor will also aid in discouraging any illegal activity when placed in a prime location.

Requiring little to no instructions, the detector emits a piezo audio sound when it runs over a metallic object. Fitted with an LED light that will illuminate at the same time, security staff will be able to use the tool in both loud and dark environments. For sound-sensitive workplaces, the device can be muted.

Offering total piece of mind, the security wand is able to pick up both large and small objects: a medium pistol at 9", a pocket knife at 6", a steel key ring at 5", a razor blade at 3" and a hat pin at 1". The broad surface of the tool allows it to cover every part of the body, and can also be utilised to scan over handbags and backpacks.

Highly cost effective, the detector is perfect for events in a variety of locations where full-body scanners are not fitted. Supplied with enough wands, a professional security team will be able to offer the same level of protection at the fraction of the price.

Presented in a black and yellow colour scheme, it will blend in with an array of work environments while projecting a bold image. Compact enough to be easily stored away, it will help maintain a clean workplace when not in use. Offer employees and guests a place to safely store any items that may not be allowed on the premises with our coloured lockers.

Additional Information

Application Security device for detecting metal objects
Power Supply Battery
Power Usage Low
Product Description Hand Held Metal Detector
Specifications / Characteristics Audio & visual alarm (audio can be switched to silent)

0.1 grams metal detection mass
Supplied in Single
Type 10" scan surface

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